Open Adoption in Colorado

If you just discovered you’re pregnant, you might wonder whether open adoption in Colorado is the right choice for you.

There are many benefits to choosing open adoption in Colorado for you and your baby.

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits, as well as what you need to know about open adoption in Colorado.

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They will answer your questions, guide you through the steps of adoption and help you understand what to expect during the adoption process.

What is Open Adoption in Colorado?

Almost all modern adoptions are open.

Open adoption in Colorado means that you and your baby’s adoptive family will keep in touch throughout your child’s life. You will not have to say “goodbye” when you choose adoption. Instead, you’ll say “goodbye for now.”

Open adoption in Colorado is a type of adoption that ensures you and your child’s adoptive family keep in touch as your baby grows up. You can talk as much or as little as you want. As the birth mom, you get to decide how much communication you’d like to have.

This type of adoption looks different for each and every family.

Some adoptive families and birth moms communicate by:

  • Meeting in person at the park or gathering for special family events
  • Writing letters to each other
  • Sending emails or chatting online
  • Text messages
  • Phone calls
  • Face time
  • And more

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to communicate with your child’s adoptive family. The most important thing to remember is that you choose a communication style that is best for you.

Are There Any Other Kinds of Adoption?

There are two other kinds of adoption: closed and semi-closed.

While almost all modern adoptions have some level of openness, traditional adoptions were closed.

With this style of adoption, birth moms and adoptive families don’t communicate after placement. In fact, they often don’t exchange last names or any personal information.

Birth moms have the final say in the type of adoption, so keep in mind that you’re the person who gets to decide what style of adoption will work best for you.

If you’re torn between closed and open adoption in Colorado, there’s another option: semi-closed.

With this type of adoption, you will have the opportunity to communicate with your baby’s family, but not directly.

Instead, you’ll talk through an adoption attorney or your adoption agency.

This style can be beneficial if you would like to reach out in the future; however, it’s still a very closed-off type of adoption that does not include meeting in person or talking to your child directly.

Which Type of Adoption is Right for Me?

Whether you’re leaning toward closed, semi-closed or open adoption in Colorado, make sure you take the time to choose the style that’s best for you.

If you choose open adoption in Colorado, you have a lot of choices when it comes to the amount and style of communication you implement.

For example, some birth moms and adoptive families talk every month. Others like to talk once a year. You get to decide how much communication you’d like to have.

If you’d like the chance to see your baby grow up, then open adoption in Colorado is probably the best choice. This type of adoption benefits you since it means you’ll get to know that your child is doing well. You’ll get to see their pictures, view their artwork and watch their dance recital videos.

Sometimes, open adoption in Colorado isn’t the right choice for a birth mom, though. Maybe you want privacy, or you want to put your adoption experience behind you. Perhaps you’re in an unsafe situation or you don’t want anyone to realize you chose adoption. In those cases, a closed or semi-closed adoption experience could be best.

How Do I Get Started With Adoption?

Whether you want to pursue closed or open adoption in Colorado, your first step should be to reach out to an adoption specialist who can help you.

When you reach out to an adoption agency, it’s important to remember that they don’t want to judge you. They want to help you. They’re going to do everything they can to guide you through the steps of adoption and help you to understand exactly what your options are.

No two adoption agencies are identical, so start by calling a few in your area and asking questions like:

  • How do you support birth moms?
  • Do you offer counseling?
  • What kind of financial support do you provide?
  • Do you support open, closed or semi-closed adoption?
  • How many adoptions have you completed?

The right adoption agency will be a valuable asset when it comes to moving forward, so don’t wait. Call now.

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Lindsay Arielle has been a proud birth mother since placing her son for adoption in 2011. Her post-placement agreement has always been an open adoption. She loves the time she gets to spend with her son and his parents during visits. Lindsay truly believes that for herself and her family, adoption has been a blessing, and she enjoys writing about spiritual healing for birth mothers.

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