Dealing with Unplanned Pregnancy in Illinois: Understanding the 3 Options

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Illinois is difficult, and the emotions that accompany it can make it even harder to process. Please know you’re not all alone, and you have options for handling unplanned pregnancy in Illinois.

It’s normal to experience uncertainty that gives rise to questions about your future following unplanned pregnancy in Illinois, like:

  • What unplanned pregnancy options in Illinois are there?
  • Where do I find unwanted pregnancy help in Illinois?
  • Can I get counseling for unplanned pregnancy in Illinois?
  • How can an unplanned pregnancy in Illinois influence my future?
  • And many more

Finding answers is often as easy as talking to a licensed adoption professional. You can depend on your adoption professional to provide resources, counseling, and support when you’re dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Illinois. To find a professional today, please complete this online form.

To get a basic understanding of your options when dealing with unplanned pregnancy in Illinois and tips for handling unplanned pregnancies in IL, keep reading below.

What Are the 3 Unplanned Pregnancy Options in Illinois?

You have three unplanned pregnancy options in Illinois available to you if you find yourself in this position. Your unplanned pregnancy options in Illinois are parenting, abortion, or adoption. Every unplanned pregnancy scenario is different, and you get to decide which option will result in your future peace and happiness.

Still, even though you get to make this decision on your own, it can be helpful to consult with professionals when facing an unplanned pregnancy in Illinois. Adoption professionals will give you advice and support, which will allow you the peace to move forward, knowing you’ve made the best decision for your child.

Below, we discuss the pros and cons of each of the 3 options, so please keep reading.

Parenting in Illinois

Deciding to parent may be a natural choice for expectant mothers who are coping with unplanned pregnancy in Illinois. For example, when you already have children, an unplanned pregnancy in Illinois may just mean you’re adding to your existing family.

However, parenting after an unplanned pregnancy in Illinois isn’t viable for every expectant woman. Many factors could make it difficult, such as:

  • Career concerns
  • Unattained personal goals
  • Financial issues
  • Health or medical issues arising from pregnancy
  • No desire to parent
  • And others

Parenting involves a tremendous commitment of time and resources because it means you’re taking responsibility for another person’s needs. That’s challenging, especially when you’re not ready for it. Even parents who planned pregnancy find it hard to adapt to the responsibility. Dealing with unplanned pregnancy in Illinois makes it more difficult, and it amplifies the stress of the situation significantly.

Please know that even the best parents may have concerns initially. But if parenting is right for you, you should embrace it and decide to become the best parent you can be. When choosing among your unplanned pregnancy options in Illinois, make sure to thoroughly analyze your feelings before making your choice.

Again, choosing to parent a child means you’re taking responsibility for another person’s growth, safety, and needs. Only you know if that’s what’s best for you when dealing with unplanned pregnancy in Illinois. Please know you can depend upon agencies and programs offering support on your journey.

Abortion in Illinois

There are many reasons that parenting may not be viable when dealing with unplanned pregnancy in Illinois. Things like professional complications, emotional concerns, financial obstacles, or medical risks impact a woman’s ability or desire to become a parent. Every woman gets to decide what’s best for her following unplanned pregnancy in IL.

Fortunately, you have other options for dealing with unplanned pregnancy in Illinois when parenting just won’t work. One of those options is abortion. It’s a medical procedure intended to terminate an unwanted pregnancy in a clinical environment. Though abortion is still an available option, the frequency of abortions in Illinois and the U.S. is declining.

Abortions fall into two categories: elective and therapeutic. When an abortion is performed to preserve her health, that’s known as a therapeutic abortion. An abortion that ends an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy in Illinois for non-medical reasons is known as an elective abortion.

Abortion is available to women facing unplanned pregnancy in Illinois, though many states have created laws intended to restrict its practice. The only restriction on abortion in Illinois is that an abortion may be performed at or after viability only if the patient’s life or health is endangered.

If abortion is your chosen way of dealing with unplanned pregnancy in Illinois, you’ll need to identify a clinic or medical center near you that performs abortions. In Illinois, there were 40 abortion providers in the state in 2017, so try to find one in your area.

The three options for dealing with unwanted pregnancy in Illinois all come with emotional consequences, including abortion. Though it’s up to you to decide how to best move on from an unplanned pregnancy in Illinois, try to consider the emotional impact of your decision and how it will shape your future.

Adoption in Illinois

Your third option for moving on from unplanned pregnancy in Illinois is adoption. Adoption may be a great option for you if:

  • Growing your family isn’t possible right now
  • You can’t pause your career for pregnancy
  • You have philosophical or religious reasons for avoiding abortion
  • You aren’t interested in being a parent
  • You can’t afford to parent
  • Or others

In any of these circumstances, adoption gives you a way to pursue the future you want while providing your child with the life they need and deserve.

Adoption allows you to place your child with a pre-screened family of your choice soon after birth following an unplanned pregnancy in Illinois. You get to profoundly impact your child’s future through your choice of family, and you’ll get the support you need from your adoption professional when making an adoption plan and searching for the right parents for your baby.

When you’re not ready to be a parent, placing your child up for adoption is a selfless, kind act that gives your child a bright future and a family that will love and support them. That’s one main reason that women choose adoption from their three unplanned pregnancy options in Illinois.

Through adoption, you also get to remain in control of your experience because you decide every important detail. For instance, you choose the adoptive family based on the preferences in your adoption plan. Placing your child lets you know your child will be welcomed, loved, and supported. And you get to move on from your unplanned pregnancy in Illinois and keep your dreams for the future intact.

Using a national agency boosts your chance of finding a prospective adoptive family for your baby that matches all of your desired traits. You also get access to hundreds of parent profiles across the country when you use a national agency instead of just a few local ones.

Another benefit of adoption is that you choose how involved you want to be in your child’s life after placement. When you choose open or semi-open adoption, you get to build a lifelong bond with your child as they grow and develop. Open adoption is good for everyone involved, including the adoptee, the adoptive parents, and birth mothers facing unplanned pregnancy in Illinois.

When you choose adoption after an unplanned pregnancy in Illinois, you can even get adoption financial assistance to pay for expenses stemming from pregnancy and delivery. Illinois law allows prospective adoptive families to provide assistance with pregnancy and birth-related expenses, and your adoption professional can help you with this process.

Only you can decide whether adoption is the best path forward for you after an unplanned pregnancy in Illinois. All of the options come with their own challenges, including adoption. The choice is yours alone to make.

Preserving Your Future After Dealing with Unplanned Pregnancy in Illinois

Accidental pregnancies are more common than you may think. They can happen to almost anyone. However, you don’t need to panic if you’re facing a surprise pregnancy.

Help is available, you aren’t alone, and you have unplanned pregnancy options in Illinois that will allow you to move forward. You have a right to decide which one is best for you.

Please analyze the pros and cons of each of the unplanned pregnancy options in Illinois and think about how they may impact your future. For additional assistance, you can speak with an adoption professional by completing our free online form when you’re ready. 

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