What is an Open Adoption in Maine?

Deciding to put your child up for adoption can bring on a rush of complex emotions, and you may worry that your bond with your child ends with placement. That’s not always the case due to open adoption in Maine, however. 

What is an open adoption in Maine? When researching the open adoption definition in Maine, you may find that it’s adoption with a post-placement contact agreement that allows continuing contact between the parties. Open adoption in Maine lets you build a bond with your child. But it can mean different things to the people involved in the adoption.

With open adoption in Maine, you’ll be providing your kid with a future rich in opportunity, and you’ll get to play a role in their life. Those are just some of the benefits of open adoption in Maine. To find out more about open adoption in ME, simply complete our online form and discuss your situation with a professional today.

The intent of this guide is to help you gain a fundamental understanding of open adoptions in Maine and the differences between closed adoption, semi-open adoption, and open adoption in Maine, so keep reading.

What is Open Adoption in Maine?

So, what is open adoption in Maine? That’s a great question. Open adoption in Maine is common in modern adoption because it extends many benefits to all members of the adoption triad. Open adoption in Maine is a product of mutual love of the child that is shared between birth parents and adoptive parents, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Some of the advantages of open adoptions in Maine include:

  • Your child will understand where they come from.
  • You’ll know your child is thriving with a loving, supportive family.
  • You can provide family medical history information.
  • You can easily get access to adoption records.
  • You can remain in touch with your child (including in-person meetings.)
  • Your child is shielded from negative feelings associated with closed adoption.
  • Your child will gain a loving and supportive extended family.

What are the drawbacks of Open Adoption in Maine?

The supposed negative aspects of open adoption in Maine have mostly been debunked in modern adoption. These days, most adoption professionals recommend it thanks to the life-changing benefits of open adoption in Maine.

What does open adoption mean in Maine, and are there any downsides? Though open adoption in ME means different things to each member of the adoption triad, it’s also true that everyone benefits from it.

For birth parents, they get a chance to reclaim control of their post-adoption journey and keep their dreams for the future alive. That includes the type of information that’s shared, the amount of information that’s shared, and the frequency of the contact.

The terms of your open adoption in Maine can be shaped to match your preferences, but there are also features that are commonly shared in most open adoptions in Maine. That includes:

  • Contact details for all parties
  • Family medical history for the birth parents
  • Face-to-face meetings on special occasions
  • Open contact between the parties

You have a right to choose who will raise your child, and the kind of adoption contact arrangement you prefer should be a consideration when selecting a family. If open adoption in Maine appeals to you, seek out an agency that promotes open adoption in Maine.

Below are a few agencies in Maine that work with birth mothers on open adoptions in ME.

What is a semi-open adoption in Maine?

Semi-open adoption in Maine is a lot like open adoption in Maine, but it differs in one key way. The degree of communication allowed in semi-open adoption in Maine isn’t as extensive as it is in open adoption. The contact in semi-open adoption in ME may be less frequent and less detailed, and there may be no direct interaction between the involved parties.

Through semi-open adoption in Maine, you can maintain your privacy and still watch your kid grow up from a distance without direct communication. Your adoption professional can be a conduit for contact between the parties in semi-open adoption in Maine, which lets you maintain your privacy while knowing your child is healthy and well.

The information shared in semi-open adoption in ME can include:

  • Names for the birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees
  • Geographical location of the birth parents
  • Limited medical information and family history for the adoptee
  • basic biographical information for the birth parents

You get to choose whether you prefer direct contact with your child and the adoptive family. If maintaining your privacy and watching your child develop from a distance appeals to you, then semi-open adoption in Maine may be the right option.  

What is a closed adoption in Maine?

The converse of open adoption in Maine is a closed adoption. Closed adoptions were once common, but they’ve been abandoned in the modern era for the most part because of the reported negative aspects associated with them.

Still, you are in charge of deciding which type of post-placement contact arrangement will work best for you. If you don’t want contact with your child or the adoptive family after placement, closed adoption lets you maintain total privacy while moving on with your life. There’s no information shared, though you can make arrangements for your child to find you when they turn 18 if you choose, however.

Open Adoption vs Closed Adoption in Maine: How Are the Two Types Different?

Differentiating between open vs. closed adoption in Maine is simple since the primary distinction is the amount of contact shared. In open adoption in ME, any contact the parties agree upon is allowed, and those involved decide how much information is shared. There’s no contact at all in closed adoption, with little (or no) details shared.  

If you’re deciding between closed adoption vs. open adoption in Maine, you should know negative outcomes are sometimes associated with closed adoption, such as:

  • You can’t see whether your child is healthy and well.
  • Your child will lack family medical history in case of an emergency.
  • Your child is more likely to struggle with feelings of abandonment.
  • You may experience difficulty reuniting with your child in the future if the two of you choose to reconnect.

Most adoption professionals agree that the benefits of open adoption in Maine far outweigh any potential concerns, and there has been a steep decline in closed adoptions as a result. Also, the previously believed benefits of closed adoption have been discredited, which has made semi-open and open adoption in Maine the choice of birth mothers as of late. 

Choosing between closed vs. open adoption in Maine is totally up to you. You can take all the time you need to deliberate on how this choice will shape your future and your baby’s future.

Are Open Adoptions in Maine Enforceable Under State Law?

Open adoptions in Maine, also known as post-adoption contract agreements, are not enforceable by the courts. State law doesn’t address the issue at all. But it’s worth noting that enforcement is rarely needed in open adoption in ME.  Typically, both parties in the adoption willingly agree to participate because of the benefits of open adoption in Maine.  

Open adoptions in Maine are grounded in the shared best interest of the adoptee and the mutual love for them that binds birth parents and adoptive parents. Open adoption in Maine isn’t co-parenting, but both birth parents and adoptive parents are making a mutual commitment to protecting the child’s best interests in any open adoption in ME.

To find out more about open adoption in Maine, discuss your situation with a licensed adoption professional to learn how the law applies in your situation.

Where Can You Find Additional Information about Open Adoption in Maine

What is open adoption in Maine? Answering that question is as easy as saying that open adoption in Maine means different things to different people. The birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees all benefit from open adoption in Maine, which is why it’s so common in the modern era. There are few if any, drawbacks that stem from watching your child develop and grow.

Open adoption in Maine isn’t the best choice for everyone, but only you know for sure if it’s the right decision for you. Your choice will shape your relationship with your kid in the future. To discuss the type of adoption arrangement that best meets your needs, you can contact an adoption professional by completing our online form.

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Lindsay Arielle has been a proud birth mother since placing her son for adoption in 2011. Her post-placement agreement has always been an open adoption. She loves the time she gets to spend with her son and his parents during visits. Lindsay truly believes that for herself and her family, adoption has been a blessing, and she enjoys writing about spiritual healing for birth mothers.

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