For many expectant women dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Maryland, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed with the rush of complex emotions that accompany it. But we want you to know three things: you’re not alone, you can get help, and you have options for moving on with your life after an unplanned pregnancy in Maryland.

It’s natural to feel a little uncertain and anxious after finding out about an unplanned pregnancy in Maryland. Those emotions can lead to questions like:

  • What options do I have for dealing with unplanned pregnancy options in Maryland?
  • Is there counseling I can get for unplanned pregnancy in Maryland?
  • Who should I turn to for unwanted pregnancy help in Maryland?
  • In what ways could my unplanned pregnancy in Maryland impact my future?
  • And many more

You can find these answers with assistance from an adoption professional, as they will offer counseling, resources, and support when you’re dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Maryland. To speak with someone today, simply fill out this online form. For now, you can learn more about dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Maryland in this guide for handling unplanned pregnancies in MD.

What Are Your Unplanned Pregnancy Options in Maryland?

If you’re facing a surprise pregnancy, the good news is that you have three unplanned pregnancy options in Maryland to choose from when making your plan to move forward. The unplanned pregnancy options in Maryland are parenting, abortion, and adoption. Every unplanned pregnancy situation is different, and the option you choose is up to you.

All of the important decisions are yours to make as an expectant woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in Maryland. Still, consulting with a professional will get you valuable advice and support as you process your options. The adoption professional you choose can help you move forward confidently with the knowledge that you’ve made the right choice for both you and your child.

Below, we’ll cover the pros and cons of the three unplanned pregnancy options in Maryland. Please keep reading.

Parenting in Maryland

Parenting is sometimes an easy choice for expectant mothers who learn of their unplanned pregnancy in Maryland. That’s especially true when the woman has children already. An unplanned pregnancy in Maryland could just represent family growth.

But parenting isn’t a realistic option for every woman coping with an unplanned pregnancy in Maryland. There are many factors that can complicate that prospect, such as:

  • Unreached career goals
  • Financial limitations
  • Potential health issues stemming from pregnancy or delivery
  • Personal hopes and dreams that haven’t been realized
  • No desire to become a parent
  • And more

Parents make a commitment to provide for every need their child may have. That’s a difficult prospect at any time, even when you are prepared to dedicate yourself to parenting. Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Maryland magnifies the difficulty of the situation.

It’s normal to go through feelings of doubt if you’re thinking about parenting. However, if you search within and think it’s right for you, lean into it and dedicate yourself to becoming the best parent you can be. Take time to thoroughly analyze your feelings when reviewing your unplanned pregnancy options in Maryland to ensure your choice is the best one for you and your baby.

Only you know if parenting your child when dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Maryland is the option that will bring you peace. However, agencies and programs offering support can help you on your journey.

Abortion in Maryland

Not every expectant woman is in a position to parent when dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Maryland. In some cases, there are financial, professional, or medical concerns that can diminish their ability or willingness to parent. The good news is that parenting isn’t the only option for moving on from unplanned pregnancy in MD.

When parenting isn’t an option for you, there are two other options for dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Maryland. One of them is abortion, which is a medical procedure that terminates an unwanted or unsafe pregnancy inside a clinical setting. Abortion is an option for women, but the frequency of abortions in Maryland and the U.S. has diminished.

An expectant woman may have one of two kinds of abortions, elective or therapeutic. An abortion that is performed because a woman’s life or health is endangered due to pregnancy is a therapeutic abortion. An abortion done solely to end an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy in Maryland is considered elective.

If you’re considering abortion following an unplanned pregnancy in Maryland, you should know some states limit the practice of abortion through restrictive state laws. However, Maryland isn’t one of them, as there are only two restrictive state laws limiting abortion in Maryland:

  • The parent of a minor must be notified prior to providing an abortion, though health professionals can waive parental involvement in limited circumstances.
  • An abortion can only be performed at or after viability when the patient’s life or health is endangered or there is a fetal anomaly.

If you decide abortion is your best path forward when dealing with unplanned pregnancy in Maryland, look for a clinic or medical center to accommodate you. Maryland had 41 abortion providers in 2017, so find one in your area.

Each option for dealing with unwanted pregnancy in Maryland comes with emotional consequences, and abortion is no different. You get to choose how to move forward from an unplanned pregnancy in Maryland, but it’s important that you consider the emotional impact of your options and how each may shape your future.

Adoption in Maryland

The final option to consider when facing unplanned pregnancy in Maryland is adoption. Adoption could be the answer for you if these circumstances apply to your situation:

  • You can’t be responsible for raising another child right now.
  • You can’t pause your career for pregnancy.
  • You can’t seek an abortion due to philosophical or religious prohibitions.
  • You can’t (or don’t want to) be a parent.
  • You can’t handle the additional cost of raising another child.

Do any of these statements describe your situation? If so, adoption can provide a viable way to move on with your life. Adoption lets you hold on to your dreams while giving your child the life full of opportunities they deserve.

When you choose adoption, you’ll be placing your child with a loving, pre-screened family that you select following unplanned pregnancy in Maryland. Adoption lets you make a significant impact on your child’s future through family choice. You can also take comfort in knowing you’ll get free support and resources from your adoption professional.

Few acts as a birth parents are more kind and selfless than placing your child for adoption when you aren’t ready to parent. It provides a bright future, a stable home, and a supportive family for a child, and those are things every child deserves. That’s one reason women choose adoption from the three unplanned pregnancy options in Maryland.

Choosing to put your child up for adoption puts you totally in control of your experience because every decision is yours to make, such as selecting the best adoptive family to raise your child. Placing your child also lets you enjoy the peace of knowing your baby is cherished, loved, and supported while you get to pursue the future you want after unplanned pregnancy in Maryland.  

A national adoption agency can help boost your chances of finding a prospective adoptive family that aligns perfectly with your adoption plan. National agencies can connect you with hundreds of potential adoptive parents nationwide instead of the handful of prospective adoptive family options you’d find with a local agency.

Below is a list of a few adoption agencies serving birth mothers in Maryland:

You also get to decide how involved you’d like to remain in your child’s life beyond placement. Open and semi-open adoption gives you a way to create a lifelong bond with your kid while watching them grow. Open adoption benefits everyone involved: the adoptee, the adoptive parents, and birth mothers facing unplanned pregnancy in Maryland.

Opting to place your child for adoption after an unplanned pregnancy in Maryland also means you may be eligible for adoption financial assistance. That assistance can help you pay for the costs of pregnancy and delivery. Your adoption professional will assist you with getting the help you need.

Only you know if adoption is the option that will bring you future peace and happiness after an unplanned pregnancy in Maryland. All three options feature unique challenges, including adoption. Only you can decide if it’s right for you.

Holding on to Your Future Dreams After Dealing with Unplanned Pregnancy in Maryland

Unplanned pregnancies can happen to almost anyone. Finding out you’re pregnant when you didn’t plan to be can be overwhelming emotionally at first, and we understand that. We also want you to know four facts that may offer you some peace:

  • Help is available
  • You’re not on your own
  • You have unplanned pregnancy options in Maryland
  • You get to decide how to move forward

Make sure you consider the pros and cons of all three of your unplanned pregnancy options in Maryland and how each one could impact your future. To get additional information or counseling, please speak with an adoption professional by completing our free online form when you’re ready.

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