What is an Open Adoption in Michigan?

Do you have concerns that adoption may mean the end of your bond with your child following placement? If so, you should know that open adoption in Michigan gives you a way to remain a part of your child’s life. 

What is an open adoption in Michigan? The open adoption definition in Michigan states that it’s any adoption with a post-placement contact agreement that stipulates continued communication among the involved parties. In other words, open adoption in Michigan lets you perpetuate your bond with your child. Open adoption in Michigan also allows you to give your child the gift of improved future prospects while you remain a part of their life.

These are just two of the benefits of open adoption in Michigan, and there’s a good reason it’s become popular in the modern era. To learn more about open adoption in MI, simply complete our online form and connect with an adoption professional today.

In this primer, we’ll provide you with a basic understanding of open adoptions in Michigan as well as the differences between closed adoption, semi-open adoption, and open adoption in Michigan. Keep reading to find out more.

What is Open Adoption in Michigan?

If you’ve wondered, “What is open adoption in Michigan?” you’re not alone. Open adoption in Michigan includes an adoption arrangement that provides a wealth of benefits to the parties in the adoption triad. Open adoption in Michigan is built on a mutual love of the child and a commitment to give them the best possible future. That’s a beautiful thing.

Some of the advantages of open adoptions in Michigan include:

  • Your child will know where they come from.
  • You’ll know your child is flourishing in a loving, supportive family.
  • You can provide critical medical history details if needed.
  • You can get easy access to adoption records.
  • You can remain in touch with your child through continuing contact.
  • Your child is less likely to struggle with negative feelings.
  • Your child will benefit from having a supportive extended family to lean upon.

What Are Some of the Negative Facets of Open Adoption in Michigan?

What does open adoption mean in Michigan, and are there any negative aspects that I should be concerned with? Some make claims about the supposed negative aspects of open adoption in Michigan, but those concerns have mostly been debunked by adoption professionals. Now, most adoption professionals promote open adoptions in MI due to the life-altering benefits they offer.

Open adoption in MI lets birth parents take control of their post-adoption lives and pursue their own dreams for the future. That may include choosing the kind of information shared, the quantity of information shared, and the frequency of the contact.

The specific details of your open adoption in Michigan are totally up to you. However, there are some features that are commonly shared in open adoptions in Michigan, such as:

  • Contact details for all parties
  • Family medical history
  • Opportunities for in-person communication
  • Unlimited contact among the parties

You decide who will raise your child, and the kind of adoption contact arrangement is something you need to consider when selecting a family. If open adoption in Michigan appeals to you, make sure to find an agency that promotes open adoption in Michigan.

Below are a few agencies in Michigan that work with birth mothers on open adoptions in MI.

What is a semi-open adoption in Michigan?

Semi-open adoption in Michigan is technically a type of open adoption in Michigan, though there’s a significant difference. The contact in semi-open adoption in Michigan isn’t as open as it is in open adoption. The communication in semi-open adoption in MI is often less specific and less frequent, and in some cases, there’s no direct interaction between the involved parties.

Semi-open adoption in Michigan allows you to maintain a degree of privacy while watching your child grow up from afar. Your adoption professional can serve as a moderator for any contact in semi-open adoption in Michigan. The information exchanged in a semi-open adoption in MI can include the following:

  • Names for the involved parties
  • Geographical location of the birth parents
  • Limited family medical information for the adoptee
  • General biographical details for the birth parents

You choose whether direct contact with your child and the adoptive family is desirable. However, if preserving your privacy while watching your child develop is an attractive option, semi-open adoption in Michigan may be right for you.  

What is closed adoption in Michigan?

Open adoption in Michigan isn’t viable for everyone, and some birth mothers would prefer to have no contact after placement. In those situations, closed adoption is available. Though once the norm, closed adoptions are now infrequent because they’re associated with negative outcomes.  

However, if a closed adoption is the kind of post-placement contact arrangement that seems right for you, it’s an option. Some birth mothers prefer not to have contact with their child or the adoptive family, and closed adoption offers a way to do that. You can move on with your life in privacy without any shared information or ongoing contact. Your child can find you when they turn 18 if you’d like, however.

Open Adoption vs Closed Adoption in Michigan: What’s the Difference?

Separating open vs. closed adoption in Michigan is as easy as acknowledging the difference in the amount of contact. In open adoption in MI, any kind of contact is possible. In a closed adoption, there’s no contact at all, and few (if any) details are shared.  

When considering closed adoption vs. open adoption in Michigan, we want to let you know there are sometimes negative outcomes stemming from closed adoption, such as:

  • You can’t see that your child is healthy and well.
  • Your child will lack family medical information in an emergency.
  • Your child may combat feelings of abandonment.
  • You may have a hard time reconnecting with your child in the future.

The majority of adoption professionals agree that open adoption in Michigan is preferable to closed adoption in most situations, which is why closed adoption continues to decrease in popularity. The previously accepted benefits of closed adoption have also been discredited, leaving semi-open and open adoption in Michigan the choice of many birth mothers. 

Whether you select closed vs. open adoption in Michigan is up to you, so remember to take your time when considering your options. After all, it’s a choice that will influence your future and your baby’s future for years to come.

Are Open Adoptions in Michigan Enforceable by State Law?

Open adoptions in Michigan featuring post-adoption contract agreements are not addressed by state law at all. That means they aren’t enforceable by the courts. However, enforcement isn’t always an issue in open adoption in MI because the parties to the adoption willingly participate out of love for the child and recognition of the benefits of open adoption in Michigan.  

Open adoptions in Michigan grow from a love of the child and a mutual commitment to the best interest of the adoptee. Open adoption in Michigan isn’t co-parenting but does require the dedication of both birth parents and adoptive parents to protect the child’s best interests in an open adoption in MI.

To learn more about open adoption in Michigan, talk about your situation with a licensed adoption professional to learn how the law may apply.

Where Do You Get More Information About Open Adoption in Michigan?

What is open adoption in Michigan? That answer is different for everyone because open adoption in Michigan means different things to each individual. However, the birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees all benefit from open adoption in Michigan, and that’s why it’s become popular in the modern era. 

Open adoption in Michigan isn’t the perfect option for everyone, and only you know what’s right for you. Your decision will impact your relationship with your kid for years to come.

To talk about the type of adoption arrangement that best meet your needs, you can contact an adoption professional by completing our online form.

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Lindsay Arielle has been a proud birth mother since placing her son for adoption in 2011. Her post-placement agreement has always been an open adoption. She loves the time she gets to spend with her son and his parents during visits. Lindsay truly believes that for herself and her family, adoption has been a blessing, and she enjoys writing about spiritual healing for birth mothers.

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