Unplanned Pregnancy Help in Nevada

If you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy in Nevada, you have options to consider. Making choices is inevitable, regardless of your initial reaction. It’s about envisioning your future and deciding which path to take. Typically, three main possibilities are available to women dealing with an unexpected pregnancy.

If you want more information about your unplanned pregnancy options, fill out this form. We’re here to provide the details you need. While you’re here, keep scrolling to consider the pros and cons of each unplanned pregnancy course available in Nevada.

Which Unplanned Pregnancy Option in Nevada is Right for Me?

Even with a myriad of choices for handling unplanned pregnancies in Nevada, each woman may lean towards a specific option that aligns with her individual situation and priorities. Spending time contemplating what matters most to you could be instrumental in guiding your decision.

Parenting in Nevada

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy in Nevada, parenting may be a viable option for you. Becoming a parent, though challenging, can be an incredibly rewarding journey. It offers the opportunity to nurture a life, instill values, and watch a child grow and develop. However, it’s a significant commitment that requires a stable environment, emotional maturity, and financial readiness. If you believe you can provide these, then parenting may indeed be the right path for your unplanned pregnancy. Remember, the decision is personal and should be about what’s best for you and your child.

Some pregnant women and mothers may qualify for WIC, SNAP, and Medicaid. For example,

  • WIC – A program that provides very specific kinds of foods to mothers to ensure that they and their children have the necessary nutrition to live healthy lives.
  • SNAP – is a state-funded program that provides eligible applicants with funding for food. If you are eligible for SNAP, you may also be eligible for WIC.
  • Medicaid – A government-funded healthcare program that awards aid based on income levels.

There are also several other state-run social assistance programs available to you in Nevada.

Abortion in Nevada

Abortion is the medical termination of a pregnancy. Abortion is legal in Nevada within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. In some instances, an abortion can be performed after 24 weeks when it is necessary to preserve the life or health of the pregnant person. In general, there are two types of abortion:

  • Medication
  • Surgical

Medication abortions mean that the pregnant woman takes a combination of pills that causes the termination of a pregnancy. This option is usually undertaken if the pregnancy is under 11 weeks. A surgical abortion is more invasive and usually involves a suction apparatus to terminate the pregnancy. This is done at a doctor’s office and usually is the best option for a pregnancy after 11 weeks.

Laws change over time, as do medical procedures. It is best to contact a resource like Planned Parenthood for up-to-date information.

 Adoption in Nevada

Adoption is another viable path for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy in Nevada. This route allows women to provide a loving home for their child even if they are unable to raise them personally. In Nevada, various adoption agencies and services are available, offering complete guidance through the adoption process. They provide counseling, legal support, and assistance in finding the right family for your child. It’s a selfless decision that prioritizes the well-being of the child, and support is plentiful for those considering this path.

It’s also important to remember that adoption in Nevada, as in many places, can be either “open” or “closed.” Open adoption allows for some form of contact between the birth mother and the child, often through letters, emails, or even in-person visits.

Closed adoption in Nevada, in contrast, involves no contact after the adoption takes place. Both types have their own benefits and challenges, and the choice depends on what feels best for the birth mother and the child. As with all aspects of unplanned pregnancy, this decision is personal and can be made with the help of professional counselors and support groups.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be challenging, but remember that you have options and support. Get informed about abortion, including the procedure, risks, and emotional impact. Consider adoption services in Nevada, which can be open or closed based on your comfort.

Counseling and resources are available to help you make the best choice for you and your child. If adoption is best for you, contact these agencies:

If you’re considering abortion, then contact Planned Parenthood.

What’s Next?

If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, know that you’re not alone. Fill out this form, and an adoption specialist will reach out to answer your questions.

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