Real Birth Mother Quotes when Looking for Parents to Adopt My Baby

How to Find People Looking to Adopt

Your adoption process is filled with life-changing decisions. But, you don’t have to face any of them alone. Once you know that adoption is the best choice for you and your baby, you can start your journey with an adoption professional to find people looking to adopt your baby.

With your professional’s help, you will create your adoption plan that will answer questions like:

  • “What type of family do I want raising my child?”
  • “Do I want my child to have siblings?”
  • “Do I want to stay in touch with the family and my child?”

How to find people looking to adopt your child may sound overwhelming, but it is one of the most important choices you will make in the adoption process. That’s why you can always learn from birth mothers who have been in your shoes.

Birth Mother Quotes about Finding a Couple Looking to Adopt a Baby

There are many reasons why prospective birth mothers choose adoption. Still, the decision can be difficult no matter the reason. But birth mothers realize the gift they are giving their child, which is an amazing life with a loving adoptive family.

Why Birth Mothers Chose to Find People Looking to Adopt

“I knew I wasn’t going to be able to provide the future that I wanted for my daughter, and I knew another family could,” Cassidy, a birth mother, said. “I was looking for somebody that I could see my own parents in, and could see myself in and my values.”

 “We knew the best thing for [our baby] was to find a home that he would have a full-time mom and dad at home and just a safe place to be,” Devlin, a birth mother, said. “Two, three months later, we found them.”

“I was looking for somebody with good education, good job stability,” Sara, a birth mother, said. “I wanted, more than anything, for him to have a mom and a dad.”

“I made the decision to do this because I felt in my heart that this was the right thing to do and knew I could make someone else have a wonderful gift from God, the same way that I was to my mom, a precious gift,” Christina, a birth mother, said.

 “I know that everything happens for a reason. I was placed in this situation for someone to be blessed with the miracle of a child,” Teka, a birth mother, said.

“We wanted people that reflected who we are and who we aim to be,” Steven, a birth father, said.

Why Did Birth Mothers Choose Their Couple Looking to Adopt a Baby?

“They were talking about cooking as a family; they were all sharing a meal together, and I could just picture myself in that situation with them, and I knew it would be the best situation for my child,” Colleen, a birth mother, said. “I think their values were exactly aligned with mine. I love the fact that they already had a child so that my daughter could have an older sibling, which was really amazing.”

When I was looking for families, I wanted a family that struggled with infertility,” Lindsey, a birth mother, said. “Another thing that was really important, was to either not have any children, so they could dedicate their full time and attention to my baby, or — if they had children — having children that were really close in age so there wasn’t a huge age gap.”

“We were looking for a set of people that were family-oriented,” Steven said. “And we wanted people that reflected who we are and who we aim to be.”

What Is Life Like during and after a Birth Mother Finds Their Couple Looking to Adopt a Baby?

“When we got matched with them, it was like an instant connection,” Randi, a birth mother, said. “If I wanted to talk one week, they would talk to me. If I didn’t— if my emotions were just too strong, they were like, OK, let’s talk next week.’”

“Our relationship is very open,” Sara said. “They go above and beyond. They make sure that I have my pictures every day, even though it’s supposed to be once a month. I get video chats with them whenever I want, so I get to see Teddy all the time. I love our relationship. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

“Adoption was the best thing for me, and I helped a family become a family, and that filled me with so much love and happiness,” Ericka said. “This is the hardest decision that I’ve ever had to make, but I don’t regret it. I know that she is happy and healthy and loved by so many people.”

“He’s got a huge family, so much love, and it makes me so happy for him. And that’s what makes the situation better day by day,” Sara said.

Looking for Someone to Adopt My Baby [Where to Begin]

The adoption process can be an emotional period in your life, and there is plenty of professional help available to support you through every stage.

To get in touch with an adoption professional, fill out this contact form when you are ready to find the perfect family for your baby.

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