What if I Haven’t Chosen Adoptive Parents?

What if I haven’t chosen an adoptive family by the time my child is born?

Are babies that are placed for adoption always adopted?

Will my baby go to foster care?

If you are a prospective birth mother considering adoption for her unborn baby and have these or similar questions, you are far from being alone. Here’s what you need to know:

It is never too late to choose adoption for your baby, even if you have already given birth.

Adoption is a life-changing decision, and the biggest decision you’ll make in your adoption process is choosing the adoptive family for your baby.

While every birth mother has full control over choosing the adoptive family, every adoption situation is unique. Whether your due date is right around the corner or you have already given birth, we can assure you that your baby will be adopted and that there are people who can help you.

We’ve taken time to answer these three questions asked above to provide you with helpful information you may need if you have these concerns. You can also contact us online today to get connected with an adoption professional for more information about placing your baby for adoption.

What if I haven’t chosen an adoptive family by the time my child is born?

The amount of time you have to pick an adoptive family can be a big source of stress. What many prospective birth mothers don’t know, thought, is that adoption isn’t just an option while they’re pregnant.

That’s why many birth mothers ask questions like, “What happens if I don’t find an adoptive family by the time my child is born?” or “What if I don’t have an adoptive family picked when I give birth?”

Adoption is always an option. There is an adoption specialist who can help you find the right adoptive family for your baby, even if you don’t decide on adoption until after your hospital stay.

There are even birth mothers who have decided on adoption months or even years after they’ve given birth. No matter when you decide on adoption for your baby, there is an adoption specialist ready to help you find the right adoptive family.

There are always families waiting to adopt; it’s just a matter of finding the one you feel is right for your baby.

Are babies that are placed for adoption always adopted?

By choosing adoption, you are putting your baby’s needs first through a selfless and loving decision to provide them with a life of opportunities. It’s not unheard of for birth mothers to worry about what might happen if their baby is not adopted or don’t have an adoptive family picked out.

Every adoption situation is unique and the process may differ, but know that all babies placed for adoption will always be adopted.

The adoption process already brings so many emotions, and the fear of your child not being adopted shouldn’t be part of that. There is always an adoption opportunity, and there are always adoption professionals who can help.

Will my baby go to foster care?

With domestic infant adoption, babies don’t go un-adopted. There are so many hopeful adoptive parents than prospective birth mothers.

Across the country, adoption agencies work with hopeful adoptive families each year, so you needn’t worry about not being able to find a family for your baby. Even if you don’t have an adoptive family picked out when you give birth, there is still plenty of time to choose a family.

If you’re asking, “If I give my baby up for adoption, do they go to foster care,” or “What happens if nobody adopts my baby,” the situation will vary. It all depends on whether you are choosing to complete a private domestic adoption or are trying to adopt independently and struggling to find a family.

With foster to adopt situations, there are children who will wait many years to find the right adoptive family. But, if you choose adoption for your baby, even after you’ve given birth, your child will not enter the foster care system — unless a case was opened concerning your child before birth. Even then, choosing private adoption may allow you to pick a family for your baby so that they do not go into foster care.

The best thing you can do if you want your child to be adopted and not go into foster care is to contact an adoption agency and place your baby through domestic infant adoption. By doing so, there will be a family who will adopt your baby, chosen by you.

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Finding the right adoptive family for your baby should be top priority when it comes to your adoption process. Luckily, despite it being one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life, you don’t have to do it alone.

Adoption specialists are always ready to answer any questions you have. Whether you have questions about finding an adoptive family, concerns about not having a family chosen although your due date is close, or just want more information on the process, help is there for you.

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