Adoption Agencies That Provide Housing [Your Guide]

What You Need to Know about Adoption and Housing

There are many reasons that prospective birth mothers choose adoption. One reason that you may be interested in the adoption process is that you want to provide a nurturing environment for your baby. Maybe you are living in an abusive home or facing possible eviction. Whatever the case may be, some adoption agencies can help you out.

If you would like to get more adoption information now, then you can contact us online whenever you’re ready to reach out to us. But, we have also put together this informative guide that explains everything that you need to know about adoption and housing.

What Are Adoption Agencies That Provide Housing?

As someone considering adoption, you may be curious about adoption agencies that help with housing. These agencies can offer housing services such as relocation or provide living expenses for rent and utilities. Many trusted adoption professionals can provide these services for prospective birth mothers.

There are many ways that adoption agencies can help you out with housing. Below, we have outlined some examples of housing services that an adoption agency may provide for you.

Providing Financial Assistance for Rent and Utilities

If you live in a safe, stable home environment, then you probably don’t need adoption agencies that pay for relocation. Instead, what you might be looking for is some help with the costs for rent and utilities. The good news is that there are plenty of adoption agencies that can offer to cover some of those fees.

Through adoption financial assistance, you don’t have to pay for the adoption or any adjacent costs. Speak with your adoption professional to see if you qualify for these living expenses and how much of your rent and utilities this financial assistance can cover.

Helping You Move to a New Situation if Needed

You may be living in an environment that isn’t suitable for raising a baby. Fortunately, there are adoption agencies that pay to relocate you if you need it. Depending on what your specific needs are, your adoption professional can set something up for you. This is one of the key ways in which adoption agencies can help you with your housing circumstances.

Offering a Maternity Home

Some adoption agencies that help with housing can also provide a maternity home for you. For women making an adoption plan, your adoption professional may be able to offer you this dorm-like environment if you need a place to stay. Before you choose a maternity home, though, you may want to consider some of the pros and cons that we’ve listed below:


  • You will receive food and medical care. On top of this, your adoption agency will pay for your meal plan and health-related fees. They can also cover any costs incurred from recreational activities at the maternity home.
  • They can help you get back on your feet. The main purpose of a maternity home is to provide women at any stage of their pregnancy with a welcoming, safe environment. They can help you find a job and develop a tight-knit community of friends.
  • Some maternity homes offer adoption-related services. For instance, you can receive free counseling at a maternity home, and some maternity homes are actually specific for women putting a baby up for adoption. This could be a great option for you.


  • You will need to meet a certain set of requirements. Sometimes, there can be limited space in a maternity home. As a result, eligible women can have only one or two children in tow, if any at all. You may also need to wait to get into the maternity home, and waiting might not be an option right now.
  • Some maternity homes have strict rules. It’s common for maternity homes to impose certain regulations, such as a curfew or other forms of supervision. On top of this, many maternity homes have some kind of religious affiliation, which can feel alienating for some women.

If I Plan on “Giving My Child up” for Adoption, Can They Help Me with Housing?

When you choose adoption, you can ask your adoption professional how they can help you with your housing situation. Also, there’s something that we’d like to clarify.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “give a baby up for adoption” plenty of times, but this phrase misses the point. When you choose adoption, you are never “giving up.” You are giving your child a chance at the best life possible, and that is heroic.

Still, where can you even find adoption agencies that provide housing? To help you get started on this journey, we have listed some agencies that can do so below. This list also includes a handful of maternity homes:

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