What Does Adoption Mean? [For Birth Parents, Adoptees and Adoptive Families]

Exploring the Deeper Adoption Meaning  

For birth mothers, adoptive parents and adoptees, the adoption meaning is more than a definition in a book.  

  • Adoption is a life-changing pregnancy option for birth mothers when parenting isn’t possible.  
  • Adoptive parents dreaming of raising a child get to see their dreams come true through adoption.  
  • Adoptees are given a chance at a life full of opportunities with a beautiful family.  

Adoption is a deeply personal experience for everyone involved. If you’re considering adoption, know that you can speak with a professional today by filling out our online contact form.  

If you find yourself searching “adopt meaning” and find the formal definition of adoption, the most important thing to know is that adoption goes far deeper than a definition.  

Birth mothers, adoptive families and adoptees have unique experiences and perspectives on adoption.  

What Does Adoption Mean to Birth Mothers?  

Prospective birth mothers choose adoption for many reasons.  

Regardless of the reason, adoption is a chance to give a child the best life possible while avoiding the burden of parenting. That’s life-changing, and it’s a safe pregnancy option for women in need of help.  

As a birth mother, it also means you can remain focused on your goals in life, knowing you’re making the best decision for you and that your child is with a wonderful family. Because you’re placing a child for adoption with an agency, you get to hand-pick that family based on your preferences.  

Adoption is never “giving up.” It’s a chance at a brighter future for everyone involved. 

Through open adoption, you get to stay connected with the adoptive family and your child in whatever capacity you feel is appropriate. You can celebrate milestones, exchange photos and continue to build a relationship long after the completion of your adoption.  

If you’re ready to talk about adoption, you can quickly fill out this form to connect with a professional today.  

You can also read incredible stories from birth mothers to better understand the deeper adoption meaning to women like you who have experienced the life-changing journey of adoption.  

What is the Meaning of Adoption for Adoptive Parents  

For adoptive parents, the meaning of adoption can be defined by one word: “Family.”  

That said, the adoption meaning goes far deeper emotionally because couples pursuing adoption do so for various reasons, like:  

  • Infertility  
  • Serious medical conditions  
  • A family history of genetic disorders  
  • They are a same-sex couple ready for parenthood  
  • They want to help a birth mother  
  • They feel a religious calling to adopt  
  • Becoming a parent is more important than becoming pregnant  
  • They were adopted  
  • And more  

No matter the reason, the meaning of adoption is special because it means becoming a parent.   

The chance to give a child a loving and nurturing home and a life full of opportunity is the greatest gift in the world.   

Why an adoptive family chooses to pursue adoption is unique to them, as is the answer to, “What does adoption mean?”  

Ultimately, it’s the chance to be a parent and develop a life-long relationship with a brave and selfless birth mother.  

To better understand the meaning of adoption through the eyes of adoptive parents, check out these adoptive family testimonials.  

Adopt Meaning to Adoptees  

It can be difficult to fully describe the meaning of adoption from the perspective of an adoptee.  

Every adoptee has a different relationship with their adoption, and a lot of that can depend on the level of openness with their birth family. In open adoption, adoptees have the chance to understand better why their biological parents chose adoption and can recognize that the life adoption provided gave them opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have had.  

While far less common, adoptees may not know their biological parents. This can make growing up adopted more challenging, because you don’t have answers to your deepest questions about identity and history. 

Still, the personal meaning of adoption for an adoptee is unique and can change with age. Open adoption typically results in an adoptee having a more positive view of their adoption story.  

It’s important that adoptees have open and honest conversations with their adoptive parents and birth parents about their story rather than face secrecy.  

By taking this link, you can find first-hand accounts from adoptees to discover the true adoption meaning from those who’ve experienced its benefits.  

What Does Adoption Mean to a Community at Large?  

Because adoption is common, many communities have at least some connection to adoption, even if not a part of what’s known as the adoption “triad” (made up of the birth parents, adoptive family and adoptee).  

One of the most significant changes adoption has seen in recent decades is its inclusiveness. Adoption is viewed as a brave and selfless decision to create a better future. It’s a way for wonderful same-sex couples to start a family and presents many benefits for adoptees.  

It’s also positively impacted cultural inclusion, as 40% of adopted children are of a different race, culture or ethnicity than their adoptive parents.  

The biggest impact on the meaning of adoption to a community is creating awareness and knowing members of a community have unique adoption stories to tell. Birth mothers also realize they have the love and support of their community.  

The deeper meaning of adoption serves as an educational tool for those who don’t understand what adoption is and how it helps give hope to unprepared birth mothers and children in need of a stable environment.  

If you have questions about adoption, want to know how to support someone considering adoption or understand the adoption meaning better, you can always speak with a professional.  

Prospective birth mothers in need of adoption information can connect with a professional today by completing our online contact form.   

Many professionals have a unique connection with adoption and can provide you with support knowing what you’re going through. You can also get information on how to get your adoption journey started today and begin searching for the perfect family for your baby.  

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Lindsay Arielle has been a proud birth mother since placing her son for adoption in 2011. Her post-placement agreement has always been an open adoption. She loves the time she gets to spend with her son and his parents during visits. Lindsay truly believes that for herself and her family, adoption has been a blessing, and she enjoys writing about spiritual healing for birth mothers.

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