Married and Supportive Birth Fathers 

Because adoption is such a big and life-changing decision, it’s hard to know whether or not you and the birth father will see eye to eye.  

You may even be preparing for the worst. It may surprise you that many of the prospective birth parents adoption agencies work with are in a relationship or a married couple placing a child for adoption. 

To get more information about how to place a baby for adoption, you can reach out to an adoption agency today. 

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, having the support of the baby’s birth father can be invaluable. Whether he’s your husband, boyfriend, friend or out of your life but approves of your choice, this support can make the adoption process much easier. This is the best-case scenario.  

If this sounds like your situation, you can continue reading below to learn how to navigate giving a baby up for adoption while married. 

Giving Your Baby Up for Adoption as a Married Couple 

A common question we get from prospective birth mothers is “Can married women give their baby up for adoption?”  

Of course, you can. In fact, many prospective birth parents facing an unplanned pregnancy are married. You might not ever intend to be parents or you do want to parent but you’re not ready or able to at this point in time. If you’re married and can’t provide for a new baby, considering adoption for your baby is a brave and selfless choice to make. 

If this sounds like your situation, there are adoption agencies that would be happy to work with you to help you create an adoption plan that works for both of you. The two of you will be able to decide your child’s hopeful adoptive parents, what the hospital stay will look like and more.  

All the decisions will be yours to make. But you won’t have to figure it out on your own. Your adoption professional will be there to help you navigate the process and find the perfect family for your baby. You’ll also be able to decide what you want your post-placement relationship with the adoptive family and your child to look like. 

If you’re married but what to give your baby up for adoption, you’ll have access to all the same services and resources that you would if you were a single birth mother. Putting a baby up for adoption while married can be emotionally difficult for both of you, so it’s important that you are supporting each other and communicating clearly throughout the process.  

If you encounter any points of contention, your adoption professional may be able to help the two of you through these disagreements. 

Reasons for Putting a Child Up for Adoption When Married 

There are a variety of reasons why you might be giving your baby up for adoption as a married couple. Every relationship and unplanned pregnancy is different, so whatever your reason is, you are always valid in wanting to give your baby the best life possible.  

Some of the most common reasons married couples choose adoption are: 

Financial Reasons 

If you and your partner are struggling financially, adding a child to the mix could be extremely overwhelming. It will only make it harder to improve your situation, and you may not be able to adequately provide for your child.  

Or, maybe you already have children and adding another child to the family would strain the resources you currently have. Adoption allows you to find a family who can provide your child with everything they need, and gives you the opportunity to rebuild financially. 


Even if you both want to expand your family someday, now just might not be the right time. You might not be ready to become parents yet, or one or both of you may have educational or career goals. And that’s okay.  

Adoption gives your child the chance to have an amazing life full of opportunities while allowing you to pursue the goals you have for yourself. And maybe when the time is right, you’ll be ready to start your family on your own terms. 

Your Family is Complete 

Many couples who are married but want to give their baby up for adoption already have children. While you may have prepared for your current child or children, adding another might be more than you can handle from a financial, mental or emotional standpoint. If you feel your family is already complete, adoption is always an option. 

You Don’t Want to be Parents 

Sometimes the reason why a married couple is giving up their baby for adoption is as simple as not wanting to be parents. The future you envisioned together may not have included any little ones running around, and that’s valid too. There are thousands of hopeful adoptive families out there who are eager to grow their family and would give your child an amazing life. 

If you’re considering giving your baby up for adoption as a married couple, we’re here to help. Reach out to an adoption professional to get started today. 

About the Author

Lindsay Arielle has been a proud birth mother since placing her son for adoption in 2011. Her post-placement agreement has always been an open adoption. She loves the time she gets to spend with her son and his parents during visits. Lindsay truly believes that for herself and her family, adoption has been a blessing, and she enjoys writing about spiritual healing for birth mothers.

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