Religious Views on Adoption [Varying Perspectives]

If you’re considering adoption as a person of faith, you might have religious views on giving up your child for adoption. We’re here to help. 

To get more information on religious views used in the adoption process, talk to your spiritual leader, or reach out to an adoption professional today. 

No matter which religion or belief system you follow, adoption is always a brave and selfless decision that comes from a place of love. Women from every religion have chosen adoption throughout history.  

This guide will break down various religions’ views on adoption. 

How Religion, Unplanned Pregnancy and Adoption Fit Together 

While most religions have always welcomed the practice of adoption with open arms, this has mostly focused on the adoptive families. Many traditional religious views historically discriminated against the woman experiencing the unplanned pregnancy. Fortunately, in the modern era of adoption, these views have changed. 

Now, many religious views on “giving up your child” for adoption have evolved to be more understanding of birth mothers and the brave sacrifice they are making. If you belong to a religion and are facing an unplanned pregnancy, adoption is always an amazing choice to make. 

Nevertheless, we understand that some religious leaders might use faith as a way to discredit your choice. That’s why we created this guide to tell you what your religion says about adoption. 

“Giving Up a Baby” For Adoption as a Christian 

Love and compassion are the cornerstones of Christian values. What could be more loving and compassionate than putting your child’s needs first to give them an amazing life through adoption? 

If you’re wondering, “Is giving baby up for adoption a sin?” you can rest assured that the answer will always be no. Anyone trying to tell you otherwise is misinformed. 

Adoption is an act of love. You are making a difficult decision to give your child the best life possible. Adoption upholds many Christian values of love and selflessness. You are giving your child a life of opportunity and giving an adoptive family a child they have been longing for.  

In fact, many Christian figures are adoptees themselves.  

In scriptures about “giving a child up” for adoption, Jesus is adopted. According to the doctrine of the virgin birth, Joseph was not Jesus’s biological father, but he accepted him as his own anyways.  

Placing your child for adoption is just one of the many ways you can embody Christian values of selflessness and love. 

Roman Catholic Views On “Giving Children Up” For Adoption 

If you are Catholic and want to “give up a baby” for adoption, the Christian scriptures about “giving a child up” for adoption still apply here. Catholicism is a denomination of Christianity, which means Roman Catholic views on “giving children up” for adoption are the same. 

Core teachings of Catholicism center around self-sacrifice for protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Adoption exemplifies this principle perfectly.  

If you are placing your baby for adoption, you are making the ultimate sacrifice as a parent. You’re giving your child the best life possible, even if that life isn’t with you. 

“Giving Your Child Up” For Adoption in Islam 

“What if I don’t want my baby in Islam? 

The response to “giving your child up” for adoption in Islam can be a bit complicated. There are many interpretations of the Islamic faith, and some of the more conservative traditions may make adoption more difficult. 

For example, while Islam itself does support adoption, a particularly strict interpretation of Islamic doctrine known as Shari’a Law does place restrictions on the treatment of orphans, which can directly apply to adoption. It is illegal to act as if the child is biologically yours. However, if you reside in the West or many other more progressive areas around the world, these restrictions may not apply to you.  

Caring for the “orphan” is a doctrine of Islam and is considered a blessed deed.  

“’I and the one who sponsors the orphan are like this in paradise.’ Then he joined between his index and middle fingers.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 5304).  

Jewish Views on Putting a Baby for Adoption 

In Judaism, there are many stories depicting adoption, such as the story of Moses. He was adopted by his mother, Miriam.  

Orthodox Judaism may not encourage adoption outside of the community. If you are a member of an Orthodox community but believe adoption is in the best interest of you and your child, contact an adoption agency today. 

In progressive Jewish communities, “giving a baby up” for adoption is a mitzvah, which is a good deed done in the name of religion. 

Jehovah Witness Views on “Giving a Baby Up” For Adoption 

Jehovah’s Witnesses are very accepting of adoption and view adoptees as legitimate members of their adoptive family. Like other Christian denominations, Joseph raising Jesus as his own son is a prime example of this within the Jehovah’s witness faith. 

There are many hopeful Jehovah’s Witness adoptive families out there who are eager to start or expand their family through adoption. When searching through adoptive family profiles, you are able to sort by religion, so that you can find an adoptive family of a similar faith. 

Buddhist And Hindu Views on Adoption 

These prominent Eastern spiritualities are unique and have scriptures and practices that differentiate them from each other, but they share views of placing children for adoption. 

In Buddhism, it’s taught that the Buddha placed his own child for adoption when he left to achieve enlightenment. He made sure that this child was loved and taken care, while allowing himself the space to pursue his life purpose. The same will be true if you decide to place your baby for adoption in Buddhism. 

Similarly, there is nothing in Hindu teachings that discourages adoption. You are acting in the best interest of your baby, and making a brave and selfless decision. 

Atheist and Agnostic Views of Adoption 

Both atheistic and agnostic values are based more on logic and reason. If you feel adoption is what’s best for your baby, then this is the right choice for you. 

Adoption benefits both you and your child through: 

No matter which religion you belong to, adoption is always an option for you. You are making a brave and selfless choice.  If you have more questions about our religion and adoption, reach out to a spiritual leader of your religion. To get more information about adoption, contact an adoption agency today. 

About the Author

Lindsay Arielle has been a proud birth mother since placing her son for adoption in 2011. Her post-placement agreement has always been an open adoption. She loves the time she gets to spend with her son and his parents during visits. Lindsay truly believes that for herself and her family, adoption has been a blessing, and she enjoys writing about spiritual healing for birth mothers.

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