I’m Pregnant after Morning-After Pill [Your Options]

Becoming pregnant after taking the morning-after pill can leave you feeling defeated. You might not feel ready or able to raise a child at this point in your life, or you feel like your family is already complete.  

Whatever your situation is, you are not alone. There are unplanned pregnancy options available to you. 

The morning-after pill is an emergency contraceptive that can prevent pregnancy for up to 120 hours (five days) after unprotected sex or failed contraception. The sooner you take it, the more effective it is. However, even if you take it within 24 hours, it’s still only 95% effective.  Other factors such as your Body Mass Index (BMI) and whether or not you are ovulating can also affect its potency. 

If you took the morning-after pill and still got pregnant, you might not be sure what to do next. That’s why we’re here. How you handle your unplanned pregnancy will always be your choice. There are resources and services available to you to help you through this complicated time. 

To get more information about your unexpected pregnancy options if the morning-after pill failed, reach out to an adoption professional today. Even if you’re not interested in adoption, they can provide you with free, unbiased guidance. 

I’m Still Pregnant After the Morning-after Pill 

If you’re worried that the morning-after pill didn’t work, you can take a pregnancy test 7-10 days after unprotected sex or contraception failure. A pregnancy test likely will not show up positive if taken any sooner than that. If you haven’t gotten your period after three weeks after taking the morning-after pill, you should take a pregnancy test immediately.  

If your pregnancy test is positive, schedule an appointment with your doctor to confirm whether or not you are pregnant. If the pregnancy test still comes back positive, don’t panic. Unplanned pregnancies can be scary and overwhelming, but it doesn’t mean your life as you know it has to come to a complete stop.  

There are alternate routes to help you get back on the path you had laid out for yourself. 

What To Do If the Morning-After Pill Fails 

If you took the morning-after pill and still got pregnant, your unborn baby will not be harmed. The morning-after pill is only meant to be used as emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy, but it will not affect an existing pregnancy. Because of this, you cannot use it to terminate your pregnancy. 

So, what do you do if the morning-after pill failed? When it comes to unplanned pregnancies, you have three options: 

  • Adoption 
  • Abortion 
  • Parenting 

Which option is best for you will depend on your situation and personal preferences. Nobody can make this choice for you. This will always be your decision to make. Only you know what’s best for you and the unborn baby. Be sure to carefully consider each option before committing to anything. 


Adoption is a brave and selfless choice to give your baby the best life possible while allowing you to get back to yours.  

There are many wonderful adoption professionals who can guide you through the adoption process and give you the guidance and support you need. If you place your baby for adoption, you will have access to helpful resources and services such as: 

  • Financial assistance. Adoption is completely free to expectant mothers. Your adoption agency will cover all of your living expenses and pregnancy costs throughout the adoption process. You won’t spend a dime. 
  • 24/7 counseling. There are counselors available 24/7 to listen and talk you through the complex emotions of the adoption process. 
  • Matching services. As a part of your adoption plan, you will be able to choose the perfect family to raise your child. National adoption agencies work with adoptive families all over the country which means you will be able to find an amazing family. 
  • Open adoption. Through open adoption, you will be able to stay in touch with your child and their adoptive family after the placement has been finalized. This gives you and your child much needed closure. 
  • And more. 

If you decide that you want to parent, you can change your mind at any point in the adoption process. 


If the morning-after pill didn’t work and you don’t want to be pregnant, abortion is an option for you. Every state’s abortion laws are different when it comes to how far along you can be, so it’s important to research these laws beforehand.  

The stigma around abortion has faded over the years, but it still has its challenges. Consider these pros and cons of abortion: 


  • The procedure is quick and safe. You will be in and out in the same day. 
  • You won’t have to carry the baby to term or give birth. 


  • Abortions can cost anywhere between $500-$2,000. 
  • There may be friends and family that disapprove of your choice due to religious or moral beliefs. 
  • You may experience feelings of guilt, loss and grief following your abortion. These emotions may fade with time or come and go. 


If you were taking the morning-after pill, parenting may not be in the cards for what you currently have planned for your life. However, if the morning-after pill failed and you feel that you’re in a situation where you are able and willing to raise a child, parenting is an option.  

But, here are some very important things to consider: 

  • Parenting is expensive. The cost of raising a child to the age of 18 is roughly $233,610 
  • Parenting is emotionally intensive. While you no doubt love and care about your child, the additional responsibilities can take an emotional toll. 
  • You will need to adjust your life. You may need to put life, career and educational goals on hold. 

If after considering all your unplanned pregnancy options you still aren’t sure where to turn, you can reach out to an adoption professional today. Even if you aren’t committed to adoption, an adoption professional can provide you with unbiased advice about all your options. 

About the Author

Lindsay Arielle has been a proud birth mother since placing her son for adoption in 2011. Her post-placement agreement has always been an open adoption. She loves the time she gets to spend with her son and his parents during visits. Lindsay truly believes that for herself and her family, adoption has been a blessing, and she enjoys writing about spiritual healing for birth mothers.

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