Can My Parents Stop Me from Choosing Adoption?

An unplanned pregnancy is a complicated matter, and it can be made even more confusing if you are under eighteen or still dependent on your parents. You may want to pursue an adoption plan that they do not agree with. What you do after an unplanned pregnancy is a decision that only you can make. At the same time, navigating this situation with your parents can be tricky. Here’s what you need to know about the role your parents play in the adoption process, along with some tips to help you through this time.

Do I Have to Tell the Father About My Adoption Plan?

Talking to the father of your baby about your adoption plan can be difficult for any number of reasons, and you may even be wondering if you should tell him at all. Whether or not the father is involved in your life or your pregnancy, it’s important to remember that he has rights that must be recognized if you want to move forward with adoption. For this reason, talking to him is most often the best option.

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